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A few blocks away, at Synchronicity Space, a younger photographer was exploring a much different approach to the dedium. Claiming to have been deeply influenced by Picasso, and announcing that "I want to paint by using photography," Satoru Yoshioka, born in Kochi and still in his late 20s, works with Polaroid P / N film, manipulating his materials during exposure and development to produce strange effects - emulsion damage, curious perspectival distortions, odd forcal-plane confusions, the tonal reversals of solarization, and more.

The resulting nudes, still lifes and portraits contain elements of pictorialism and early modernism, but they seem to have been filtered through somebody's dream--a bit like pinhole imagery or the skewed spaces of the "thoughtoraphs" of Ted Serios. * Camera & Darkroom : The East Comes West

Japanese Photography in the U.S. Today by A.D. Coleman

その結果、ヌード、スティルライフそしてポートレイトはピクトリアリズム と早期のモダニズムの要素を持っている。しかし、それらは誰かの夢を通しフィルターをかけられたようにも思われる。それは、すこしピンホールイメージのような、はてはテッド シリオスの歪められた空間、“ソートラフス”のようでもある。

雑誌 カメラ アンド ダークルーム 1992年6月号
:東洋が西洋にやってくる / アメリカにおける日本写真の今 - A.D.Coleman(著)