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Translation from January issue (2000 1 No.83, P.175) of GQ Japan
:Satoru Yoshioka photo exhibition

Pictures taken today seem to have been photographed quickly, like snapshots
without calculation. Documentary-like pictures are booming now. I think
that photographers who make pictures elaborately are decreasing, but
Satoru Yoshioka could be the exception. He treasures personal images,
which are not hastily captured.

Mr. Yoshioka has been active around Europe and America as a fine art photographer. He went to the States in 1987. He has been selected for Young European Photographer's '90. Mr. Yoshioka was the first Japanese to receive this title in 1990. Claiming to have been deeply influenced by German expressionism, he creates peculiar but well
composed pictures: his images are filled with his light and soft textures. I
cherish his photographs because they have been perfection from every stage of
the their making: shooting, developing and printing. I could see the photographer's emotions and the unqualified beauty that a human body just shows only in a moment in his images.

Text by Naoko Aono

Satoru Yoshioka photo exhibition Until December 21 2000 Gallery Past Rays
246-5 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa 231-0023 Japan