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"Whatever is sensible, Beauty distorts. No.2"
2020 3 7 - 4 12

1839 Comtemporary Gallery
B1, No. 120, Yanji Street, Da-an District, Taipei 10696, Taiwan, ROC


On October 3, 1990, I watched the news of the unification of East and West Germany in San Diego, California. When I saw the images of the joy of so many people on the screen, I knew in my heart that I had no choice but to go to that place.

I borrowed money from a friend to use my camera as collateral, flew to Berlin on that day's plane, and walked along the Berlin Wall to the museum. The big celebrations I had seen on the news the day before had died down. But there were still smells and heat in the air, and I felt like I had come to a special place.

This exhibition is a re-examination of the origins of my photography over the past 30 years. The four works shown in Berlin are included in this exhibition. However, they are not identical works, but rather the present with the addition of the past 30 years. Negatives to creating the prints, like a score, can be interpreted differently by different performers/producers and can change.

In the late 1980s, I was an admirer of German Expressionist painters. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Müller, Erich Haeckel and others. For me, German Expressionist painting was a beauty that exposed my inner self; the released energy comes from the inside to the outside. (This is only my impression).

In a sense, a painting begins with an empty white canvas filled with the energy from within. In contrast, the photographic canvas is filled with the real world, which is chaotic and tangible. It is then cut out and organized into a rectangular or square frame image created through the photographic process. In my inexperienced state as a photographer, cutting out the real world and searching for inner beauty or art was unthinkable.

In the late 1980s, I studied photography at a college in San Diego, California. The West Coast is famous for fine art print photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. I remember going on a school trip to the homes of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston's son, Cole Weston, and seeing their fine art prints in person.

Speaking of being blessed, the Museum of Photography/MOPA (San Diego) is about an hour's drive away, where they have exhibits of famous photographers from all over the world, and sometimes I was even able to meet world-class photographers in person.

However, I could not find my photographs in this environment. During this time, I came across a photography magazine published in Germany in a photography museum. It showed how European artists were using photography as a medium to express themselves and create works of art.

It was the moment when I felt my direction as a photographer/artist. A year after this encounter, in1990, I participated in an exhibition in Berlinische Galerie organized by this magazine that changed my life. As mentioned at the beginning of this writing, this trip was my first step toward becoming a photographer.

beauty distorts-073A1075

beauty distorts-073A1074

beauty distorts-073A1030

beauty distorts-073A1130

beauty distorts-073A1031

beauty distorts-073A1032

beauty distorts-073A1033

beauty distorts-073A1034
・ print year 2020
・ Type print Archival Pigment Print / アーカイバル・ピグメント・プリント
・ Image size 270mm x 340mm
・ Edition #12
・ Exhibited : Gallery 176, Osaka, Japan / Gallery 1839, Taipei, Taiwan
・ Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist on verso

・ プリント制作年:2020年
・ アーカイバル・ピグメント・プリント作品
・ メージサイズ:27x34cm 
・ 展示作品 / Gallery 176, Gallery 1839
・ エディション: 12
・ 裏面に鉛筆でサイン


beauty distorts-073A1037

beauty distorts-073A1038

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beauty distorts-073A1041

beauty distorts-073A1042

beauty distorts-073A1044

beauty distorts-073A1045

beauty distorts-073A1046

beauty distorts-073A1056

beauty distorts-073A1057

beauty distorts-073A1058

beauty distorts-073A1064

beauty distorts- 073A1065

beauty distorts- 073A1067

beauty distorts- 073A1068

beauty distorts- 073A1070

beauty distorts- 073A1048

beauty distorts- 073A1049

beauty distorts- 073A1051

beauty distorts- 073A1052

beauty distorts- 073A1098

beauty distorts- 073A1100

beauty distorts- 073A1102

beauty distorts- 073A1103

beauty distorts- 073A1107

beauty distorts- 073A1089

beauty distorts- 073A1090

beauty distorts- 073A1087

beauty distorts- 073A1088

beauty distorts- 073A1091

beauty distorts- 073A1092

beauty distorts- 073A1109

beauty distorts- 073A1110

beauty distorts- 073A1096

beauty distorts- 073A1053

beauty distorts- 073A1054

beauty distorts- 073A1113

beauty distorts- 073A1114

beauty distorts- 073A1116

beauty distorts- 073A1126

beauty distorts- 073A1128

beauty distorts- 073A1072

beauty distorts- 073A1084

beauty distorts- 073A1129

beauty distorts- 073A1029

beauty distorts- 073A1073

beauty distorts- 073A1082

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"Whatever is sensible, Beauty distorts. No.2"
2020 1 31 - 2 11

gallery 176
〒561-0851 大阪府豊中市服部元町1-6-1