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会場: ラディウムーレントゲンヴェルケ

住所: 東京都中央区日本橋馬喰町2-5-17

開催日時: 2014年7月17日(木)~8月10日(日)

Venue : Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG

2-5-17, Nihonbashi Bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

July 17th (Thur.) – Aug. 10th (Sun.) , 2014






Cern, Synchrotron, Super Kamiokande… Even those who are not interested in chemistry or physics may have heard about those global famous facilities for research with peculiar names. Satoru Yoshioka is doing activities entering the depth of these research institutes to take photographs.
Rather than recording the institutions correctly, the work of Yoshioka put emphasis on extracting their forming beauty and fun.
Unimaginable scale, complicatedly combined machines we have never seen before, undulation of numerous cables and tubes that remind us of some creature… Though we have no chance to know the function of each part of the machine nor the reaction that has taken place within these machines, the structures taken by Yoshioka's camera seems to have their life, and makes us imagine that they may wriggle in their own power.

Yoshioka packaged the work by an unprecedented new method. The screen size of the picture is 10x15 cm. The work obtained concentration like miniature pictures, thanks to having outputted on an archival pigment print, and the smallness of this screen. The works are put in the specimen box popularly called as "German box," based on Yoshioka's reversal conception to make the experimental facility a specimen.
Architect Mies van der Rohe showed his respect on the details hidden in the back side of a beautiful building by his famous quotation "God is in the details." Yoshioka's photograph seems to be the work trying to expose God dwelling in the details of the scene.  Furthermore, his work can be considered to a religious picture that passes on a modern myth like the chemistry and physics.  Divineness with loveliness like a Russian icon has been added to the work by the effect of putting the photographs in the specimen box.

レントゲンヴェルケ/ Radi-um von Rögenwerke AG
池内 務 / Tutomu IKEUCHI